Rev Arsluck


Rev Arsluck dedication to good music, whatever its sub-genre, his ability to read a crowd and tease them into submission, and the pure optimism of his ‘let’s get this party started’ attitude have all been central to the attention and respect he has attracted from the diverse range of DJs, producers and promoters that he has worked with over the years.

From Miami with influences by clubs such as Sancturary, The Edge, The Kitchen Club, Red Room, Club Nu, Hell's Kitchen, the last 27 years sharing beats worldwide have done nothing to quench his youthful thirst for Industrial, Gothic, EBM, and 80s Retro from Past to Present. Spurred on by the ever changing face of the dance floor, he continues to evolve his career. His latest projects include taking on Production and News Journalism of this ever changing scene.

If you’ve danced to Radio Golgotha anywhere in the world, then is more than likely you have already met this innovative yet versatile Rev Arsluck. At home dropping Funk, Industrial, and Gothic Music on a daytime rooftop bar to laying down a late night, filthy tech infused set, he knows what you need to get you moving.

"A true innovator, never an imitator.."

“Music is a drug I am truly addicted to it! I get moody if I don’t have my fix. I can’t imagine my world without music in it and I think this ideology is more than apparent when I’m bouncing about in the booth. I truly love it!”

_Rev ArsLucK
Psalm 49:4
"I will turn my ear to a proverb; with the harp I will expound my riddle."

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